Asphalt Sealing

Our asphalt sealing process can preserve your blacktop and keep it looking great! Asphalt sealing is more than spraying the Sealcoating formula on an old blacktop surface. Care to the paving area must be performed well before any sealant is applied. At Impact Asphalt Services Inc. , we take the necessary time to provide a clean and well prepared surface to ensure the long lasting benefits of asphalt sealing. We have experienced workers, all the tools, and equipment like high powered blowers and sweepers using steel brushes to clean the surface. We then use a crack sealing product to prevent moisture and debris from further penetrating the cracks. Asphalt Repairs are completed before the asphalt sealing product is applied by sprayer  or  Squeegee machine.

Impact Asphalt_Asphalt Sealing